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Exclusively Using OEM Software, and Services Delivered by a World Class ADAS Repair Support Team!

Comprehensive ADAS Services

From automatic emergency braking to adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance system, we provide a comprehensive service that allows you to address today's ever-changing ADAS repair problems.

Expert Diagnostics and Repairs

ADAS technology is rapidly evolving. You need an expert, dedicated ADAS technician to ensure that your shop can handle the repairs on all of the latest ADAS advancements and requirements for all vehicle makes and models. 

Nationwide ADAS Service

Smart Express is a nationwide Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Services firm able to handle all ADAS repair issues. Whether your customers drive the latest luxury sedan or a dependable family SUV, our expert technicians are equipped to handle all ADAS features, from adaptive cruise control to collision avoidance systems.

The Leader in ADAS Repair and Service ADAS Repair and Service

Partner with the Smart Express elite ADAS team and boost your ADAS repair business and reduce cycle-times. Our top-notch ADAS research experts and skilled technicians working with the latest OEM diagnostic software deliver fast, superior results.

Superior Technical Expertise
ADAS systems are complex and require specialized knowledge to calibrate and repair. A dedicated ADAS technician brings the technical expertise to handle these advanced systems effectively, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate repairs.
Safety and Liability
Improper ADAS repair can compromise these systems, exposing the shop owner to liabilities and car passengers to the risk of accident. A dedicated and trained ADAS technician ensures the correct repair of these safety-critical systems, reducing the risk of accidents and legal issues.
Reduce Outsourcing
Lacking an in-house ADAS expert and support team, shops must outsource ADAS tasks, incurring higher costs and delays. Conversely, having an in-house ADAS repair partner can reduce costs and improve control.
Streamlined Workflow
An experienced ADAS technician with a skilled support team enhances a workshop's operations, ensuring smooth coordination of inspections, repairs, and calibrations for all vehicles, leading to an efficient repair process.